In order to ensure public safety and mobility, activities in the City’s right of way (ROW) must be permitted.  Online applications are available for Driveway/Sidewalk, Excavation, Film, Parking, Temporary Use of Right of Way, Valet (Annual and Temp), and Vending.  You can also apply for Small Cell Permits, Street Events, and Utility Coordination.  Apply online via the Right of Way Management Approval Network (ROWMAN) site.

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Insurance, Bond, and/or Licenses Fee Schedule
Traffic Control Permitting Contacts

Is your permit in conflict with other permits?  View the Conflict Resolution Flowchart here.  View the Conflict Resolution Email Template here.



Driveway/Sidewalk (DS) – Required for the removal, repair, modification, and installation of sidewalks, driveway approaches, and curbs/gutters. If the DS work is associated with a Residential Building Permit submit your request here.  If the DS work is associated with a Commercial Building Permit submit your request here.  If the DS work is stand-alone, then apply here.

Excavation (EX) – Required for removing or otherwise disturbing soil or pavement in the ROW.  Fees are assessed from first cut until final restoration.  Read more about Excavation fees here.

Film – Required for various types of filming activities in the ROW, including b-roll footage, still photography, and blocking, directing, impeding, or rerouting of any/all traffic modes.

Parking – Required when using a City parking space for temporary loading and unloading purposes. Placement of a Temporary Storage Device falls under this permit.  (Construction related parking must be requested as a Temporary Use of the Right of Way Permit.)  Click here to view a current map of the City's pay stations, meters, and zones.

Street Event - Special Event permitting is managed by the Office of Special Events.

Temporary Sidewalk Cafés – Required for placement of tables, chairs, planters, and other appurtenances in the ROW, when serving a restaurant or food sales use business.  If you need to renew your Temporary Sidewalk Cafe, click here.

Temporary Use of the Right of Way (TURP) – Required when the ROW is obstructed by work-related vehicles, equipment, or material. 

Valet – Required for the operation of valet zones, either temporary or annual in nature.  Valet zones are areas designated for the receiving and returning of vehicles in the ROW.  Service to zones must be provided by a Licensed Valet Operator.  If you need to renew your Annual Valet Zone, click here.

Vendor – Required for the selling, offering to sell, exchanging, and ordering of merchandise on or over a sidewalk.  If you need to renew your Vendor Permit, click here.