If you are performing any kind of above ground construction (such as building repairs) and need to close or barricade a portion of the right of way, this is the permit you will need. Read "TURP Considerations" for a list of specific types of work.

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What do I need to know before applying for my TURP?

  • Short-term TURPs are 1-30 days.  They cannot be extended.  Long-term TURPs are 31+ days.  They can be extended.
  • If the project is affiliated with a Site Plan (SP), Small Cell Permit, or is long-term in nature and lies within the Downtown Austin Project Coordination Zone (DAPCZ) then it may be necessary to obtain DAPCZ approval.
  • For City Entities and Franchised Utilities, permits are typically issued for a maximum of 1 month inside the downtown area and 2 months outside of the downtown area.
  • Bond and Insurance are required to obtain a TURP.


How do I apply for a TURP?

Read “How to Apply for Permits on the ABC Website”.  Apply for permit at ABC.  Provide the following:

  • Description: Who, What, When, Where, Why, How
    • Example: ABC Contractors will replace an HVAC system on the roof of 505 Barton Springs Rd on 01/01/01. The crane company performing the work will be Cranes R Us. The crane will work on Haywood Ave closing the sidewalk, parking lane and two travel lanes.  The mobile crane dimensions with outriggers fully extended are 40ft x 18ft.  
  • Active work area dimensions ONLY; do not include dimensions of your traffic control setup (e.g. cones, advance warning signage) (L x W, in feet).
  • Number of work vehicles, including dimensions (L x W, in feet) and/or crews working at one time
  • A map or image of exact work locations or route
  • Meter numbers you’ll be occupying.  Contact the meter shop with Active permit to reserve the spaces.


How do I extend and/or revise my TURP permit?

If you requested a long-term TURP it may be extended.  Apply for extension and/or revision via the Extension and Revision Request form.  Provide the following:

  • Extension: provide a detailed explanation of why you need more time to complete your work and the date you’d like it extended through
  • Revision: provide a detailed explanation of the changes you intend to make and the date you’d like the revision to take effect
    • Phase change, adjust traffic control plan, change workdays/times