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Standard Details TCP Submittal Checklist Texas Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices Transportation Criteria Manual, Section 8 - Traffic Control


Submit ALL traffic control plans to


Did you know?  An approved traffic control plan is NOT equivalent to an approved permit.  That's right - Plan sets are not permits, permits are not plan sets.  To occupy/close a portion of the right of way, you must have BOTH an approved plan AND an approved permit. City of Austin Standard Details may be used for traffic control plans if they fit the situation; otherwise the traffic control plan must be prepared by a Texas Licensed Professional Engineer.


All traffic control plans must be in accordance with the most current version of the Texas Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices and the City of Austin, Transportation Criteria Manual. The Transportation Criteria Manual mandates that only those persons trained in safe traffic control practices, and who have a basic understanding of the applicable standards and regulations, should supervise the selection, placement, and maintenance of traffic control devices in work or incident areas.


Traffic Control Must:

  1. Ensure a minimal impact on all modes of traffic.
  2. Conform to Federal, State, and Local requirements.
  3. Be set and maintained by competent/certified traffic control personnel or third party COA approved barricade company.
  4. Be removed from the right way after approved work hours, returning right of way to full use.
  5. NOT be altered without prior authorization from the Right of Way Management Division and the sealing Professional Engineer.
  6. NOT conflict with other area projects or events.


Traffic Control Review Processes:

If the permitted work is associated with a Site Plan, General Permit, Small Cell Permit, or Building Permit, the Traffic Control Plan MUST be reviewed a minimum of 6 WEEKS prior to the start of the closure.

In Process

Conducted during the course of the Development Services Department (DSD) review.  Initial reviews are allotted 28 work days.  Subsequent reviews are allotted 14 work days.  All fees are collected by DSD.

Out of Process

Conducted outside of the Development Services Department (DSD) review; also known as a "deferred" review.  Plan must be reviewed and approved a minimum of 6 weeks prior to TCP implementation.  Initial reviews are allotted 9 work days.  Subsequent reviews will vary in review timeframe.  Fees are assessed at $50 per hour with a 2 hour minimum.