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Technical Center

The most frequently requested technical and business resources as a service to Austin Water customers in one convenient section.


The following resources are available for our commercial customers, contractors, developers, and other valued partners.

  • Construction Standards are available to help engineers and contractors design and build water, reclaimed water and wastewater infrastructure projects in the City of Austin.
  • Utility Development Services to assist developers and landowners in obtaining water and wastewater service for existing and future development.
  • Cross Connection Controls for backflow prevention, auxiliary water sources, temporary water sources, private fire hydrants and more to help protect the public water system from contamination hazards.
  • Pretreatmet and Industrial Waste Control services are avaialble to help commercial customers comply with local, state and federal regulations that require the installation, operation and maintenance of pretreatment devices and/or systems for the removal of pollutants that could damage or interfere with the wastewater treatment process. 
  • Infrastructure records and drawings to assist with engineering design specification - coming soon


Use this online form or this PDF form to request a residential cut over.  For commercial services, use either this online form or this PDF form.

Complete this application to submit a request for reclaimed water service.

Complete an application to request a commercial water/wastewater tap permit. Customers are required to submit approved utility construction plans and must have applied for a building permit before the tap permit can be issued.

Complete this online form to submit an application for a commercial water/wastewater tap permit.