Each year, Austin Water makes strategic investments to replace and improve Austin's water and wastewater infrastructure.

Our technicians continuously monitor the health and functioning of meters, pipes, pump stations and treatment plants.

Using these assessments, our crews conduct regular preventative maintenance to ensure dependable water service of the highest quality for our customers, now and for years to come.

System Improvements 
Renewing Austin

Renewing Austin is an ongoing program to replace and upgrade aging water lines and infrastructure to meet the city’s long-term needs. More

Austin's Smart Water Meter System

Austin Water has been conducting several pilot projects to study how a smart water meter system will change the behavior of utility customers and how to use it to improve Austin Water’s customer services. More

Reclaimed Water System

Installation and expansion of purple pipe infrastructure continues throughout Austin - delivering low-cost non-potable water for irrigation, cooling towers, and virtually any use not requiring higher-quality drinking water. More

System Maintenance
Leak Detection and Repair

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Hydrant Testing

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Water Main Flushing

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Exercising Valves

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Sewer System Smoke Testing

Austin Water regularly performs sewer system smoke testing throughout Austin to help locate defects and improve the sanitary sewer services. More

Pipe Cleaning and Camera Inspection

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