Austin Water serves over 1,000,000 people in the Austin metropolitan area, both retail and wholesale, across more than 548 square miles.

For over 100 years, Austin Water has been committed to providing safe, reliable, high-quality and affordable water services to our customers. Austin Water consistently ranks among the best in the country when it comes to water quality. 

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      The utility draws water from the Colorado River into three regional water treatment plants, Handcox, Davis, and Ullrich, which have a combined capacity of 335 million gallons per day.

      Austin Water has two wastewater treatment plants, Walnut Creek and South Austin Regional, that can receive up to 150 million gallons per day of sewage to treat. Wastewater is cleaned into high-quality effluent that is safely returned to the Colorado River to augment environmental flows. More than a billion gallons of this high-quality effluent are reclaimed each year for outdoor irrigation, industrial cooling, manufacturing and other uses.

      Austin Water’s award-winning Water Conservation Division successfully guided customers through a historic drought. The utility also manages 43,000 acres of wildlands that protects water quality and endangered species habitats.

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