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Service Online Phone Contact

Labor Agreement Compliance Assistance

The Labor Relations Office interprets components of the agreements to initiate new procedures or policies, audits compliance with the agreements and alerts management of any critical issues. See Public Safety Labor Agreement Compliance for additional information.

3-1-1 Labor Relations

Land Use Review

The Land Use Review Division reviews and permits site plan and subdivision applications for compliance with Chapters 25 and 30 of the Land Development Code. 

Austin 3-1-1

License Agreements

Do you wish to license encroachments in a drainage easement? Please email us with a request for information before submitting an application for the license agreement. Call Right-of-Way Management at 512-974-1150 for an application.

512-974-6322 Watershed Protection

License Agreements

The Office of Real Estate Services processes applications for license agreements, to license the use of a portion of City right-of-way for a private purpose. The license agreement application and instructions packet are available here as a PDF (640 KB).

5129747090 Office of Real Estate Services

Lobbyist Search

Lobbyists must register with the City Clerk’s office. The office keeps a list of all registered lobbyists and their clients available for public use.

512-974-2210 City Clerk