Digital Programming 

In light of the recent Stay Home-Work Safe Order requiring residents to stay home as much as possible, the DAC is proud to offer free digital programming for the public.

Adding Depth to Underglazes with Marianne Levy

May 8, 2021

2 – 3 pm

Marianne Levy will demonstrate her glazing process that creates a muted yet surreal finish to her sculptures. Learn how she creates depth in her work by adding a copper wash to her underglazes and applies layers of sprayed glaze that add beautiful variations to a sculpture's surface. This demo will take place via Zoom. 

Register for Marianne Levy's Demo.

LGBTQ+ Trivia Night: Movie Edition

A Virtual Art A La Carte Event

Wednesday, May 19 2021



Calling all cinephiles! Grab your favorite beverage and a snack and join us for a night of LGBTQ+ cinema trivia from the comfort of your own home. From indie films to the golden era of cinema, challenge your knowledge or learn something new.

For this event you will be playing as an individual, partaking in 3 rounds of LGBTQ+ movie trivia (15 questions per round) for the chance to win some awesome prizes! Before each round begins the host will post the answer form to the zoom chat. After each round is complete, scores will be posted to the score board! Top 3 scores win prizes! Ties will be broken with a round of speed trivia!

This event is free but registration through eventbrite is required.

Fly Your Flag!

June 1-30 Daily

10am - 7pm

Dougherty Arts Center

1110 Barton Springs Road

Austin, Texas 78704

(512) 974-4000

Let your pride shine and Fly Your Flag, Austin! In honor of LGBTQ+ Pride month, the Dougherty Arts Centers invites you to enjoy our online and in-person community DIY Pride Flag exhibition, Fly Your Flag! Community members were encouraged to use found/recycled materials to create a flag that expresses what Pride means to them. These flags have been curated in our online gallery and in our in-person outdoor exhibition.

Our online gallery opens Tuesday, June 1, 2021, at 9:00 am, along with our outdoor exhibition opening the same day. The exhibits close at the end of the month.

Let your pride shine and Fly Your Flag, Austin!

For more information email

Creating a Diorama Collage with Marty Lewis

June 12, 2021

2 – 3 pm

Mixed media artist Marty Lewis takes you on a journey creating a diorama collage. Discover how you can use found objects and images from vintage prints to build a narrative and tell a visual story. Learn techniques that help you visually address a small three-dimensional space and apply collage materials to create a one-of-a-kind artwork. This demo will take place via Zoom. 

Register for Marty Lewis' Demo.

Paint with Pride

Saturdays in June



Free - Outdoor - in-person

must register here


In honor of LGBTQ+ Pride Month the Dougherty Arts Center and Austin Public Library sites are hosting Paint with Pride! Join us, Saturdays in June to participate in a larger than life "paint by numbers'' mural celebrating pride and community! These events are free but reservation is required.

How it works:

  • Sign up for your painting time and location through this link
  • Show up at your time and sign in.
  • Numbered paint pots, sponge brushes, and gloves are provided after you check in.
  • You and your group (maximum number of three people) will be given an exclusive, socially distanced section of the mural to paint.
  • Paint only the number that corresponds with the number on your paint pot.

Please note:

  • Masks are and social distancing are required.
  • Paint groups will be limited to 3 people per 20 minute time slot.
  • Paint only the number that corresponds with the number on your paint pot.

Stay updated on Paint with Pride and our other Pride event Fly Your Flag on our 2021 Pride Event Hub

Join us:

June 5, 2021

  • Ruiz Branch Austin Public Library  -  1600 Grove Blvd Austin, TX 78741

June 12, 2021

  • St. John Branch Austin Public Library  -  7500 Blessing Ave Austin, TX 78752

June 19, 2021

  • Carver Branch Austin Public Library  -  1161 Angelina St Austin, TX 78702

June 26, 2021

  • Central Austin Public Library  -  710 W Cesar Chavez St, Austin TX 78701

For more information email


Adult Art Lessons

Instructor-led lessons in various different mediums of ceramics, drawing & painting, and digital arts.

Ceramics: Ceramic Trays

Ceramics: Adding Form to Coil Vessel

Ceramics: Making a Bowl on the Potters Wheel

Ceramics: Adding Details to Sculptures with Jon Nelson Video 3

Ceramics: Trimming a Bowl

Ceramics: Rhyton Part 1 - Handbuilding the vessel

Ceramics: Rhyton Part 2 - Decorating the vessel

Ceramics: Hand Building a Dog Food Bowl

Ceramics: Hand Building a Cat Food Bowl

Ceramics: How to Make a Plate on the Wheel

Ceramics: How to Trim a Plate

Ceramics: Texture Glazing Ceramics - Video 4

Ceramics: Learn How to Make an Oil Bottle

Ceramics: How to Make A Vase on the Potters Wheel

Ceramics: Make a Cup on the Wheel

Ceramics: Make a Ring Holder on the Potters Wheel

Ceramics: Make a Coffee Pour Over

Ceramics: Make a Flower Brick part 1

Ceramics: Make a Flower Brick part 2

Ceramics: Make a Large Serving Dish

Ceramics: Trim a Large Baking Dish

Ceramics: Make a Teapot Part 1

Ceramics: Make a Bird House

Ceramics: Make a Teapot Part 2

Ceramics: Make a Bird Bath & Feeder

Ceramics: How to Reclaim Clay Scraps

Ceramics: Trimming With a Chuck

Ceramics: Make Screen Printed Decals

Ceramics: Make a Clay Pumpkin on the Potter's Wheel

Ceramics: Pinch Pot Clay Pumpkin

Ceramics: Basic Clay Wedging

Ceramics: How to Pull Cup Handles

Ceramics: Glazing a Mug: Two Ways

Ceramics: Spiral Clay Wedging

Ceramics: Make Mug Handles

Ceramics: Cut and Slam Wedging

Ceramics: Make a Lidded Jar

Ceramics: What Are Pyrometric Cones?

Ceramics: Firing Ceramics 101

Drawing: Portrait Drawing Hacks

Drawing:Urban Sketching in Your Yard

Drawing: The Five Aspects of Light

Drawing: Hatching & Cross-Hatching - Pen & Ink Shading Techniques, Part I

Drawing: Stippling & Scribbling - Pen & Ink Shading Techniques, Part II

Drawing: Drawing on Book Pages

Drawing: How To Start Drawing a Portrait

Drawing: Grid Drawing

Drawing: Drawing Drapery

Drawing: Ditch Your Eraser: Hand Lettering

Drawing: Additive and Subtractive Drawing

Drawing: Developing a Daily Drawing Practice

Drawing: Using Notan as a Composition Tool

Drawing: Ditch Your Eraser: Embracing Mistakes

Drawing: Tips & Tricks: Thumbnails

Drawing: Gesture Drawing: How and Why

Drawing: Drawing Hair In Portraits

Drawing: Using Perspective To Draw The Human Head

Drawing: Tips & Tricks: Urban Sketching Trees & Shrubs

Drawing: 2B or not 2B: The Pencil Code

Drawing: Tips & Tricks: Sharpening Art Pencils

Drawing: Tips & Tricks: Walnut Ink

Drawing: Squint: What’s a Value Study?

Drawing: Face It: Using Value Shapes To Draw The Human Face

Drawing: Hands Up- Drawing Hands

Drawing: Why Perspective Is Hard To Get Right Part 1

Drawing: Sketching Clouds in Pen & Ink

Drawing: Why Perspective is Hard to Get Right? Part 2

Drawing: Blind Contour Drawing

Painting: Indigo Hills Watercolor

Painting: Basics - The Painter's Sketchbook

Painting: A Guide to Abstract Painting

Painting: Riverbank Scene in Watercolor

Painting: Pink Water Lily Watercolor

Painting: Creating a Watercolor Study

Painting: Blending & Dry Brushing

Painting: Seascape in Watercolor

Painting: Highlights and Edges

Painting: Tips for Beginning Acrylic Painters

Painting Basics: Color Theory

Painting: Discover Watercolor Crayons

Painting: Color Theory

Painting Basics: The Self-Critique

Painting: Exploring Color in Neutral Tones

Painting: Watercolor Crayon Still Life

Painting Basics: Oil or Acrylic?

Painting: Beginning Watercolor: Abstract with India Ink

Painting Basics: Setting Up a Still Life

Painting: Abstract Art: What’s Going On Here?

Painting: Beginning Watercolor: Stormy Sky

Painting: Tips & Tricks: Composition

Painting: Watercolor: Using Expressive Color

Painting: Tips & Tricks: DIY Painting Set Up

Painting: Beginning Watercolor: Mixed Media Collage

Painting: Watercolor - Oil Pastels with Watercolor

Painting: Beginning Watercolor: Painting Trees

Painting: Beginning Watercolor: How to Paint Clouds

Painting: Painting a Starry Sky With Ink

Painting: Beginning Watercolor: Brush Basics

Painting: Painting Clouds With Gouache

Beginning Watercolor: Falling Leaves

Watercolor: Bounced Color

Watercolor: The 10 Minute Field Sketch

Watercolor Sketchbook: Simplifying a Complex Subject

Paint a Purple Iris

Digital: Photoshop - Clone Stamp

Digital: Photoshop - Blending Modes

Digital: Introduction to Illustrator

Craft: Paper Quilling

Craft: Papier-Mâché Cactus Sculpture

Craft: Trellis Ladder for your Garden

Craft: Frank Lloyd Wright inspired Squirrel Feeder

Craft: Cross Stitch Earring Holder

Craft: Hypertufa Planters

Craft: Make a Peephole Diorama

Craft: Make a Tunnel Book

Craft: Make Paper Flowers

Craft: Upcycled Wine Cork Board

Craft: Tips & Tricks: Cutting Collage Elements

Crafts: Upcycled Lawn Chair

Crafts: Bat Macrame Wall Hanging

Crafting: Folded Book Art

Crafting: Upcycled Toy Frame

Crafting: Upcycled Tinsel Tree

Crafting: DIY Stamped Wrapping Paper

Crafting: Upcycled Sweater Mittens

Crafting: DIY Pajaki

Mixed Media: A Template for Working With Mixed Media

Mixed Media: Blackout Poetry on Book Pages

Mixed Media: Reviving an Abandoned Drawing

Mixed Media: Curating Collage Elements

Photography: DIY Camera Obscura

Photography: Make a Paraxinoscope

Photography: Smartphone Photography: How to Tune Your Image

Photography: Natural Light Photography

Photography: Smart Phone Photography: How to Remove Unwanted Content

Smartphone Photography: How to Rotate and Crop an Image

Smartphone Photography: Adding Shallow Depth of Field

Smartphone Photography: Creating a Black and White Image with the Subject in Color

Studio Tour with Robin Gary

Studio Tour with Jennifer Hill

Studio Tour with Andrea Patin

Studio Tour with Adrienne Hodge

Virtual Exhibits

Fall 2020 Exhibits

Discover the artists who were scheduled to exhibit during the Fall of 2020. Due to COVID-19, their shows have been postponed but you can still explore their art practice on our Fall Exhibits page.
Whether they are looking to the past to inspire the future of the arts, imagining a future without human, or celebrating the presence of tradition, artists Jonathan Paul Jackson, Emma Hadzi Antich, and Leticia Mosqueda create worth that not only causes a viewer to reflect, but urges them to act.
Enter Fall Exhibits Page Here

Encuentra la versión en español aquí.

FotoATX 2020 Exhibits

Visit our interactive webpage to learn more about photographers Amar Gupta, Sarah Luna, and Michelle Gardella. Enjoy beautiful images celebrating the concepts of being, belonging, and community.


Summer 2020 Exhibits

Visit our interactive webpage to learn more about exhibiting artists, Nora McMillen Burke, Jon Nelson, and Marianne Levy and explore works including whimsical sculptures and paintings rich with symbolism


West 2020 Exhibits

Delve into the work of Cara Jackson, B. Shawn Cox, and Layla Luna and view artworks ranging in media from acrylic and flashe paint to origami and fiber.


Spring 2020 Exhibits

Learn more about Susannah Haddad, Austin Community College, and Nancy Wood and explore works ranging from ceramic Sriracha bottles and abstract landscape views, to digital renderings of the Texas Hill Country.


Artist Professional Development

The Artist Resource Center is pleased to host free monthly professional development workshops for artists. Covering a different topic each month, our workshops give artists the tools to develop and advance their careers in the arts.

Artist Resource Center Professional Development Workshops

Art is Everywhere Map

Art is Everywhere and we have proof. Check out the DAC's complete interactive guide to art you can safely enjoy from the comfort of your car. Use this map to plan out your next Sunday afternoon drive, go on an art scavenger hunt and more! Do you have a spectacular yard sculpture in your front yard or business you want to include on the map and share with the public?

Check out the link to find out how you can participate. Art is Everywhere Map

Paper Pandemonium

Paper Pandemonium Webpage

Digital Programming Brochures

Digital Programming Volume 1 - March -May 2020 (ADA)


The Austin Parks and Recreation Department is taking the next steps toward moving the Dougherty Arts Center out of the beloved naval center and into a newly envisioned building to be constructed on Butler Shores Park.

DAC Replacement Project Webpage