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 front of museum with flags and historical marker; stereoscope card featuring Colorado River flood in 1869; image of courtyard

​​​​​​NOTICE:  July 2, 2020 - Per the COVID-19 Mayoral declaration, the Center is closed  to the public until further notice.  Please check the Closure page for update.

The Joseph and Susanna Dickinson-Hannig House Museum will operate by appointment only until further notice. Tours are limited to 1 per hour with no more than 5 people in a "household group". To schedule an appointment, use the following Eventbrite link to select your date and time. For more information, please call 512-974-3830. Schedule my tour! 

 To protect the health and safety of all employees and visitors, please read the protocols below:

1. There is only one entrance and one way to egress the museum. Hence, tours are limited to household groups i.e. people who already co-habitate. Children must stay with adults.

2. Visitors older than 2 are requested to wear masks at all times. Disposable masks are available upon request.

3. Hand sanitizer stations are located at the entrance.

4. Restrooms are not available for public use.

5. Enhanced cleaning protocols are in place after each visit to protect staff and visitors.

6. The Texana Librabry is closed.

ON EXHIBIT NOWPainting of Susanna Dickinson and Joe (Travis's Slave) on the road after surviving the battle of the Alamo


The Susanna Dickinson Museum presents "The Other Messengers” -this exhibit explores the experiences of the other people who survived the Battle of the Alamo alongside Susanna Dickinson. For so long, it has been told that only a single woman and her baby survived the battle. Come find out the real story! Exhibit on display from June 2020 - December 2020.


person viewing stereopscope and view of gallery bedroom with focus on Alamo descendent quilt

The museum provides guided tours and programming that explores the rich and diverse history of Texas.


Connecting learners of all ages to history.

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