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Based on the Order by the City of Austin and Travis County to “Stay Home, Mask, and Otherwise Be Safe”, all in-person customer services remain suspended. Most of our services are still available by phone, video conference, email and our online portal, Austin Build + Connect (AB+C). For information on our modified services, please visit our DSD-COVID-19 page.


Before you apply for a Demolition permit, verify with the Development Services Department that new construction will be permitted at the site. You also must obtain all required City of Austin permits before starting your demolition project.

Depending on the extent of your work, you may be required to obtain one or more of the following permits:

  • building
  • electrical
  • mechanical (heating/air conditioning)
  • plumbing
  • concrete (sidewalks and driveways in the public right-of-way)

Residential structures over 40 years old require review by the Historic Preservation Office in the Planning and Zoning Department, and possibly the Historic Landmark Commission.

Commercial structure demolitions greater than 10,000 sq. ft. require site plan approval. For demolitions less than 10,000 sq. ft., a Site Plan Exemption can be requested.

See Demolition Permit Application for Submittal Requirements. This application applies to Residential and Commercial Structures.

All residential and commercial demolition applications are submitted to Residential Building Review.

Demolition Notifications

If you want to track demolition applications in your neighborhood or another defined area, register for an Austin Build + Connect (AB+C) account and then sign up to receive Demolition Notifications by email. This new DSD online tool will send you notifications following application and approval for demolition permits, based on criteria you select. (See pages 3-9 of the AB+C User Manual for information on how to register.)

How to Receive Demolition Permit Notifications

  1. Start at Austin Build + Connect.
  2. If you have an account, sign in; if not, register for an account (required for all notifications, as well as online permits and payments).
  3. Select “My Notifications” on left navigation panel.
  4. Select “Sign up for Demolition Notifications.”
  5. Follow the prompts to “Name this alert” and “select one notification type.” Notification Types include: Address, Community Registry (neighborhood association, etc.), Council District or Zip Code.
  6. Select “Save.”
  7. You may set up more than one alert at any time.

For more detailed instructions on setting up demolition notifications, view Demolition Notification Instructions (PDF).


There are two types of relocations for residential and commercial structures:

  • Relocating a structure from outside the city limits to inside the city limits; or from inside the city limits to a different location inside the city limits
  • Relocating a structure from inside the city limits to outside the city limits

See Relocation Permit Application for Submittal Requirements. This application applies to Residential and Commercial Structures.

All residential and commercial relocation applications are submitted to Residential Building Review – One Texas Center, 2nd floor.

Moving buildings

A person receiving a permit to move a building along a public right-of-way in the city is responsible for contacting Austin Police Department for a uniformed police escort.

If the building exceeds 17ft 6in in height when loaded you are responsible for contacting Austin Energy for an escort.


View the Demolition/Relocation Fee Schedule. This link will redirect you to a list of fee schedules. If your project requires review by the Historic Preservation Office, refer to the Historic Preservation fee schedule.

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