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The Claims Division provides collection services for City departments for money due to the City for damages to property, returned checks and other delinquent accounts. Claims also provides account balance and payoff information to customers for civil judgments and judgment liens owed to the City of Austin.

The Digital Empowerment Community of Austin (DECA) is a network of non-profits, educational institutions, and other stakeholders working to improve our community's ability to participate in digital society.

Utilizing the internet can improve our lives in many ways, including our work, health, relationships, access to resources, and our day to day activities.

The Financial Advocacy Resources (FAR) team is charged with monitoring and enforcing the City of Austin Credit Access Business (CAB) Ordinance. Credit access businesses include lenders more commonly known as payday lenders and auto title lenders. The ordinance places restrictions on extensions of consumer credit by credit access businesses in addition to other restrictions to reduce predatory lending practices within city limits.

The Grant for Technology Opportunities Program (GTOPs) is a grant administered by the Digital Inclusion Program directed at improving the community's ability to fully participate in the digital society. GTOPs offers individual grants of $10,000 to $25,000.
Grant applications are reviewed and assessed by a panel of qualified community representatives appointed by the Community Technology and Telecommunications Commission, which has final approval over recipient selection.  In FY 2018, GTOPs grants were awarded to nine organizations.

The goal of IdeaSpark was to connect technology & entrepreneurial experts with the Google Fiber Community Connections recipients for a facilitated brainstorming session about gigabit application possibilities.  It provided an exciting opportunity to learn of all-new applications envisioned by non-profit and public entities. The discussions involved the City of Austin, area school districts, and local non-profits to help spark ideas, inspire innovative thinking, to identify ways to best use a gigabit connection to benefit our community.

Austin’s public access channels (10,11 & 16) are operated by a new non-profit contractor, the Austin Film Society (AFS) who uses the City’s state of the art television and community media center to provide training, production and distribution of content created by Austin residents.

TARA oversees the private use of public rights-of-way, (ROW), to ensure fair use and compensation for this valuable public asset. Utilities that occupy City ROW include electricity, natural gas, telecommunications (wired and wireless), cable television, broadband transport, and Internet access facilities.

TARA provides assistance to electric utility customers (other than Austin Energy) and gas customers with complaints, questions, and concerns.

Small Cell facilities are low-powered antennas that provide cellular and data coverage to smaller geographic areas, supplementing the larger cellular network and improving service for wireless customers.

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Key Contact : Rondella Hawkins

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