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The Austin Around You

Our Mission

The Capital Planning Office was established in 2010 to create a more robust, comprehensive and integrated Capital Improvement Program (CIP) that supports the City of Austin's goals and priorities.

The Capital Improvement Program

The Capital Improvement Program is all around you.

You may not think about it every day, but it’s the sidewalk that you walk on, the park at which you meet your friends, even the pipes that carry the water that comes out of your faucet. These are public assets that are maintained by the City of Austin, and they are part of a larger system that affects each and every person’s quality of life.

A capital improvement project is the building block of the Capital Improvement Program. Capital improvement projects may include new construction or renovation of recreation centers and libraries, acquisition of parkland, reconstruction of streets, replacement of water and wastewater lines, creation of urban trails, restoration of creek banks, and the purchase of new City vehicles and information technology networks.