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compact & connected

A Vision for Austin's Future

As it approaches its 200th anniversary, Austin is a beacon of sustainability, social equity, and economic opportunity; where diversity and creativity are celebrated; where community needs and values are recognized; where leadership comes from its citizens, and where the necessities of life are affordable and accessible to all.

Austin's greatest asset is its people: passionate about our city, committed to its improvement, and determined to see this vision become a reality.


The Imagine Austin Comprehensive Plan, adopted in 2012, provides us with a framework for realizing this vision. Together we can make it happen.



A False Prosperity: The Hidden Cost of Suburban Sprawl

Join us Wednesday, October 26th at 9:00 am at City Hall Council Chambers with Chuck Marohn, founder of Strong Towns, for the next Imagine Austin Speaker Series event.

Since the late 1940s, Americans have been lured out to the suburbs with promises of wealth and increased quality of life. To many, those promises feel empty today when faced with substantial debt, rising housing costs, lengthy commutes, and little sense of community. In this talk, Chuck Marohn will discuss the relationship between mobility, household affordability, and suburban sprawl, including the pitfalls of auto-oriented development, as well as present his approach to building more connected, sustainable, and prosperous neighborhoods.

Speaker: Chuck Marohn


An Age-Friendly Austin: Supporting Vibrant Intergenerational Communities

Join us Thursday, November 17th, 7pm at the Thompson Center with Jana Lynott, Senior Strategic Policy Advisor for AARP, for an exciting Imagine Austin Speaker Series event about livability.

As the U.S. population ages, communities are not prepared for the needs of an aging population. In an effort to address this urgent problem, AARP has developed a multifaceted Livability Index to jumpstart community conversations around livability and encourage action. Speaker Jana Lynott and a panel of local experts will discuss Austin's index score as well as solutions to advance Austin as an Age-Friendly Community.

 Speaker: Jana Lynott





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