To eliminate racial bias, bigotry, and discrimination in Austin Police Department (APD) policies, practices and behaviors and determine how they influence decisions related to hiring, promotion, treatment of employees, and interactions with people of color and other marginalized groups.    

This reform is defined by City Council Resolution 20191205-066.



The City Manager will conduct a thorough analysis and investigations into allegations made by a former assistant chief and investigate other charges of bias and discrimination within the department.


Deliverables and Outcomes

An action plan with benchmarks and timelines on reducing racial disparities in interactions with communities of color and other marginalized groups. Also, the City Manager shall oversee the solicitation for independent third parties to evaluate and investigate incidents of police misconduct and bias and other illegal behavior, as well as create an independent evaluation entity to grade the work. Also, develop a plan for continuing education for officers and management training for supervisors on eliminating racial bias. And conduct an audit of recruitment and training policies, procedures, protocols and materials for cadets and officers. Also, develop a system for regular reporting of progress to the City Council, the Public Safety Commission, and the public. 




October 2020

An independent consultant, working in collaboration with the Equity Office, released a core report outlining research and recommendations to address strategies to end racial inequities within APD. Following the report, APD held what is referred to as “groundwater analysis” meetings and a feedback session with the consultant. One of the chief goals of the meetings was to provide well-meaning systems leaders and community partners with a new lens for understanding institutionalized racism at the “groundwater” level. An implementation strategy session is being planned for a future date.

The video review component of the APD training audit began in May. A community panel is reviewing selected police academy course videos. The training video reviews have been extended to November.


Complete Actions

These elements of the reform resolution are considered complete, as of October 31.

  1. Conduct investigation into the allegation of racist remarks
  2. Delay cadet classes until audit revisions implemented
  3. Address policies related to property/equipment management
  4. Improve personnel management


In-Progress Actions

These elements of the reform resolutions are considered in progress, as of October 31.

  1. Conduct investigation and evaluation into institutional racism
  2. APD training audit reporting milestone
  3. Make semi-annual update reports on the independent investigation
  4. Implement Tatum report recommendations


Pending Actions

These elements of the reform resolutions are pending, as of October 31. The reasons they are pending range from needed work with other divisions, need for legal review or policy development, need for community input and need for input from the City Council, the Council Public Safety Committee or the Public Safety Commission.

  1. Improve file/record management and retention
  2. Improve personnel training
  3. Conduct APD training audit
  4. Consider review of 180-day rule and applicability to executive officers




September 2020

APD is implementing immediate and long-term procedures and practices to address problems outlined in the findings of the investigation into allegations of racist remarks. Activities to date include:

  • Improving personnel management and training with the implementation of a Servant Leadership Program and groundwork to develop a program that will address leadership, mentorship and succession planning
  • Updating policies regarding the use of City issued cell phones, computers and other communications devices

OPO, in collaboration with the City Manager’s office, developed a scope of work to identify an independent consultant to conduct an audit of APD training through the request for proposal (RFP) process. OPO anticipates presenting a finalist for Council consideration in November. Once a consultant is approved, the final audit report with recommendations is expected to be delivered in December 2021.

The video review component of the APD training audit began in May.  A community panel is reviewing selected police academy course videos. Life Anew, Restorative Justice- an outside facilitator hired by the City- is leading panel discussions within a framework that fosters constructive and meaningful dialogue, while providing a co-creative space for community panel members and City staff to develop recommendations for improvements. The facilitator will develop a final report outlining the panel’s recommendations and feedback gathered via video survey data. This information will be shared with APD for review and a response.


April 2020

The results of the investigation into allegations of racist remarks were released April 17, 2020.


December 2019

Council adopted Resolution 20191205-066 on December 5, 2019.