Provide a list of acceptable 3-1-1 service request types and their associated service codes.

Resource Information

Method Name Service List
Requires API Key? No
Response Formats JSON, XML
HTTP Methods GET




This is optional on Austin's Open311 endpoint


Response Parameters

service_code The unique identifier for the service request type
service_name The human readable name of the service request type
description A brief description of the service request type

Determines whether there are additional form fields for this service type.

True: This service request type requires additional metadata so the client will need to make a call to the Service Definition method.

type Batch: A token will be returned immediately after the service request is submitted. This token can then be later used to return the service request ID.
group A category to group this service type within. This provides a way to group several service request types under one category such as 'sanitation'

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