In support of Imagine Austin, the Neighborhood Partnering Program (NPP) provides opportunities for community and neighborhood organizations to affect public improvements by sharing in the costs of those efforts with the City of Austin government.

The Neighborhood Partnering Program consists of four subprograms:

  • The Neighborhood Cost Share Program (NCSP): The program assists neighborhood groups in developing, resourcing, and executing small- to medium-sized improvement projects in the City’s right of way or on City-owned property. Cost sharing can be achieved through cash contributions, in-kind contributions, or donated labor (sweat-equity).
  • The Grant Assistance Program (GAP) will provide City matching funds that will enable applicants to meet cost sharing or matching requirements for external grant opportunities.
  • The Parking Benefit Project Coordination Program (PBPCP) assists the associated neighborhood organization identify, scope, and coordinate local improvement projects for which Parking Benefit District revenue can be dedicated.
  • The Adopt-A-Median Program (AAMP) provides an approval mechanism for community groups interested in adopting, beautifying and maintaining a median or other right-of-way areas

Getting Started:

Project proposals are evaluated on the program’s core values: community participation, cost sharing, quality of life enhancement, incorporation of City initiatives, and geographic equity.

Applications deadlines:

  • Neighborhood Cost Share Program applications are considered twice yearly
    • Completed applications are due June 1st and October 1st of each year
  • All other programs accept applications on a rolling basis throughout the year

Request an application to start the process.


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