Delores Duffie Recreation Center now sits in the middle of the old Bertram-Huppertz place, which Rudolph Bertram acquired in 1875. The older portion of the building was the residence of Mr. Bertram who was a local store-owner in 1921; 17 acres were sold to the City of Austin after Charles Huppertz, Mr. Bertram's son-in-law died. In 1929, an after-school playground and Center program began at Delores Duffie. The Parks and Recreation Department developed the land and park in the 1930's. Tennis courts, picnic area, bandstand, baseball field and open spaces were available to the public. In 2019, Rosewood Neighborhood Park was awarded the Lone Stare Legacy Park Award through the Texas Recreation & Park Society.



​​​Per the COVID-19 Mayoral declaration, the Center is closed  to the public effective Monday, March 16th .  Please check the Closure page for update.

Summer Program Registration Postponement

Due to the unknown, future status of COVID-19 infections and vaccine distribution, summer programming for both Austin Parks and Recreation Department's (PARD) summer camps and aquatic (pool) programming is delayed. 

Typically, registration for summer camps begins in February and aquatic (pool) programming in April. While the distribution of a COVID-19 vaccine continues to evolve and provide hope for the future, the unknown length of the local Stage 5 Risk declaration provides uncertainty as it relates to summer program planning.

The postponement allows PARD, in cooperation with the Austin Public Health Department, to consider the local characteristics of the virus as vaccine distribution evolves. At the appropriate local Risk Stage, PARD can offer in-person programs safely; however, this timeframe is not yet known. Delaying registration until there is a path forward for the safe delivery of programming can eliminate concerns related to program cancelations and refunds.

At this time, PARD has not determined new registration dates for summer programs. PARD intends to notify families prior to registration dates to allow ample preparation time. PARD continues to work closely with state and local health authorities to make operational decisions that ensure both the health and safety of participants, families, and PARD employees.

PARD continues to offer free, virtual lesson plans and activities that families can access on PARD's YouTube channel - Updates on summer programming will be released as conditions change. 


Stay Active with Austin Parks and Recreation’s online Virtual Programming!


Stay Playful with our Virtual Afterschool Clubs

Out-Of-School Time Youth Programs

The Parks and Recreation Department is committed to offering programs that foster Youth Development in a safe and caring environment. We believe in creating opportunities for youth that expose them to critical thinking and leadership development while helping explore interest through enhancements, arts, and active play. Come and experience the spectrum of opportunities with the Parks and Recreation Youth Programs.

  • Afterschool Kids Club         
  • Parents Night Out
  • Camp Days and Spring Break Camp
  • Boredom Busters
  • Youth Summer Camp


Youth Sports

The Austin Parks and Recreation Department offers year-round co-ed youth sports that teach fundamentals and stress sportsmanship. Our seasonal leagues provide a safe recreational setting structured for a beginner to intermediate player. Lead by volunteer coaches, games are noncompetitive in order to emphasize teamwork and physical fitness. 


Teen Programs

The Parks and Recreation Department is committed to offering programs that encourage Youth Development through outdoor exploration, the arts, critical thinking, and leadership development.

  • Teen Turn Ups
  • Friday Night Hoops
  • Totally Cool Totally Art (TCTA)


Toddler Programs

The Parks and Recreation Department is committed to offering programs that foster Youth Development in a safe and caring environment. We believe in creating opportunities to help explore interest through enhancements, arts, and active play.

  • Toddler Fundamentals and Fun League


Adult and 50+ Programs 

The Parks and Recreation Department offers a variety of Senior Programs and Services for adults and people 50 years of age and older. We are committed to providing an environment that encourages active and healthy lifestyles through recreational and educational programs and services.


Community and Special Events

The Parks and Recreation Department provides opportunities for families, friends and neighbors to come together and socialize, meet new people, enhance existing relationships, and create community.


Open Play and Weight Room Hours

Open Play Basketball: Monday - Friday 11am - 3pm

Weight Room Hours: Monday - Friday 11am - 3pm

Program Documents and Forms

Virtual Programs Release Form (PDF)

Adult Registration Form (PDF)

Youth Registration Form (PDF)

Youth Financial Assistance - English (PDF)

Youth Financial Assistance - Spanish (PDF)

Parent Handbook - English (PDF)

Parent Handbook - Spanish (PDF)

Facility and Grounds Rental Information

User Guide and Rental Agreement

Video Tour of Delores Duffie Recreation Center

Delores Duffie Recreation Center Staff

Claudia Rocha Recreation Supervisor

Mark Valadez Program Coordinator

Jennifer Perez Program Specialist

Mariah Silva Program Specialist

Margarita Flores Program Instructor

Delores Spears Program Instructor

Mario Rojas Building & Grounds Assistant

Yvonne Walker Reservation Agent




Rosewood Neighborhood Park

  • Delores Duffie Recreation Center, Youth/Teen Programs, Totally Cool Totally Art, Ceramics, Dance, Computer Lab - Phone: (512) 978-2465
  • Doris Miller Auditorium, Youth/Adult Sports, Fitness Programs - 2300 Rosewood Avenue.  Phone: (512) 476-4118
  • Britton, Durst, Howard & Spence Building (Chestnut Community Center) 1183 Chestnut Avenue.  Reservations, Phone: (512) 480-0654
  • Lampkin Pavilion 1182 N. Pleasant Valley
  • Rosewood Neighborhood Pool, 1182 Pleasant Valley
  • Rosewood Splash Pad, 1182 Pleasant Valley