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The Office of Telecommunications & Regulatory Affairs (TARA) provides consumer protection, access to information and communications technology resources and infrastructure, and generates revenue to support City services. TARA’s activities include:

  • Ensuring electric and gas utility rate increases are reasonable,
  • Resolving consumer utility complaints,
  • Monitoring credit access businesses to reduce abusive predatory lending practices,
  • Providing claims and collections services for City departments,
  • Promoting digital inclusion through access to information & communications technology and trainings,
  • Overseeing small cell permitting, and
  • Administering utility franchise agreements and telecommunications licenses while obtaining fair compensation for public rights-of-way.

Non‐COA Utilities COVID‐19 Relief Measures (Ordinance No. 20200409‐083):

This memo provides an update regarding measures non‐City of Austin utilities are taking for customers who are suffering financial hardship due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Texas Gas Rate Case:

Texas Gas Service (TGS) filed a request to increase gas utility rates in Austin. The City has regulatory oversight of their rates. Additional information on the rate case filing can be found on the TGS website with Austin customers represented by "CTSA Incorporated" rates.

TGS is proposing an increase of $17 million annually, an increase of 9.43% or 15.64% excluding gas costs. The proposed tariff includes: a new residential A/B rate design that provides options for customers based on usage patterns; recovery of approved Hurricane Harvey costs; recovery of pipeline integrity testing costs; and recovery of extraordinary expenses for restoring service after storms/natural disasters.

The City and other TGS cities are being represented by outside legal counsel and expert rate consultants to determine whether the filing complies with the law, to establish reasonable rates and to minimize the rate impact to ratepayers.  

TGS has postponed the effective date of their full rate case increase until September 1, 2020. Negotiations on a settlement are underway to reduce the customer impact.