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Current Closures

The Park Ranger Station in Zilker Park is currently closed. For more Parks and Recreation Department closures please see the Facilities Closures page

Modified Operations

Some parks currently require reservations in advance to visit Thursday - Sunday. Make your free reservations here for:

  • Barton Creek Greenbelt
  • Commons Ford Ranch
  • Emma Long Metropolitan Park Walter E.
  • Long Metropolitan Park (Boat Landing is Closed)


Ranger Programs

Rangers are currently offering distance programming only. Please visit our Facebook page to view Ranger programs. Contact us at Ranger Programs for more information or questions.

Wild Ones Online

Our exploratory outdoor program for preschoolers is now available online! Each episode has a different nature theme. Make sure to watch all three parts to learn, read, and create. Stay wild!

Bark Rangers

The goal of the Bark Rangers is to promote responsible use and enjoyment of City parks by citizens and their pets. Core environmental concepts are introduced including Leave No Trace Principles, outdoor safety for pets, and park stewardship for pet owners. The Bark Ranger Digital Workshop is now live! Watch the entire 30 minute video and answer the four questions at the end to become a Bark Ranger. For more information visit the Bark Ranger page.

Park Resources


Barton Creek Greenbelt 

Ladybird Hike and Bike Trail

Laws and Safety

Park Rules

City of Austin Ordinances - Bike Laws

Dog Off-Leash Areas in the Parks

Slacklining - Guidelines for Park Use, Slacklining / Hammock

Park Ranger Snake Safety Training (skip to minute 5:06)

Other Resources

Austin Parks Foundation

Wildlife Austin Program

Volunteer in the Parks

Austin Nature and Science Center


Our Mission:

Park Rangers are ambassadors for Austin's park system that promote responsible recreation, cultivate stewardship, and conserve parks' cultural and natural resources for the benefit of our entire community.

The City of Austin Park Ranger program was created to provide educational services, safety, and security in Austin’s parks and recreational facilities. Equally important is our aim to protect and foster stewardship of the natural world. To accomplish this, the Park Rangers have been trained with a focus on emergency medical response, education, and public safety.

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