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About Parks and Recreation

Director Sara HensleyThe Austin Parks and Recreation Department has been the trusted steward of the City of Austin’s public lands since 1928. As such, we protect and maintain parkland and our urban forest. We preserve trails, and offer a variety of sports, recreation, educational enrichment, arts programs, cultural opportunities, nature and aquatic activities.

Our Department is as diverse as the community we serve. As in so many aspects of life, the key to running a successful organization is having the ability to strike a balance between young and old, tradition and innovation, and the needs of one versus the needs of many. Keeping this in mind, our employees continually strive to honor the past while embracing the challenges of the future, and to serve an entire community while maintaining meaningful connections with individual participants.


As part of our commitment for continuous improvement, the Department has achieved national accreditation twice (in 2007 and 2012) from the Commission for Accreditation of Park and Recreation Agencies (CAPRA). CAPRA recognizes park and recreation agencies for excellence in operation and service, and is the only body that accredits park and recreation agencies at a national level. Achieving accreditation is our commitment to the citizens of Austin that we strive for continuous improvement.

Come visit us! We invite you to explore the many services, amenities, facilities, and programs we offer. Our website details these opportunities.

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Phone: 512-974-6700

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200 S. Lamar Blvd.
Austin, 78704

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