To meet reporting requirements, a contractor for an Affected Project must submit an online Construction Recycling Report. This report is due when the Contractor requests a Final Building Inspection. Haulers and facilities receiving the debris can provide the information a contractor needs to complete the report.

Learn How File A Report

 Written Instructions or  Video Tutorial

If you have weight tickets but no weight summary, you can download this spreadsheet (or by clicking the button below). You will enter the weight ticket information to develop your own summary, which you will use to fill out the online report.

Download Spreadsheet


Complete Your Report

The Construction Recycling Report asks for the following:

  • Contact information for general contractor and owner
  • Permit numbers, floor area, location address
  • Tons of materials landfilled
  • Tons of material diverted from landfilling
  • Weight ticket summary or Qualified Processor report

Submit a C&D Report