A contractor with an affected project must submit an online construction recycling report. The report is due when the general contractor requests a final building inspection.

You will need the following information to submit your construction recycling report:

  • Contact information for general contractor and owner
  • Permit numbers
  • Floor area
  • Location address
  • Total tons of landfilled
  • Total tons of diverted from landfill

Projects with multiple affected permits

A construction recycling report is required for affected permits. Contractors can combine information from several affected permits into one online report.

A construction recycling report is not required for unaffected permits. However, contractors may find it is easier to include information for all permits in their recycling reports. For instance, if a contractor has weight tickets that don’t distinguish between debris from affected and unaffected permits, they will need to report the tons of materials for the entire project. In this case, the contractor must include the permit numbers and floor areas for both the affected and unaffected permits in the report.

Tonnage calculation

The construction recycling report requires you to enter the “tons landfilled” and “tons diverted” for your project. You can calculate these numbers two different ways:

Qualified processor report

Qualified processors provide a summary report of the total tons processed and the facility’s average diversion rate. To calculate total tons diverted, multiply the facility’s diversion rate by the amount processed. To calculate total tons landfilled, subtract tons diverted from total tons.

Example: 100 tons processed at a qualified processing facility with an 85% average diversion rate.

  1. 85% x 100 tons = 85 total tons diverted
  2. 100 tons – 85 tons = 15 total tons landfilled

Individual weight tickets

Private licensed haulers often provide weight tickets with the tons landfilled and diverted for each load of construction debris removed from a job site.

To calculate total tons landfilled and diverted for an entire project, add the tons landfilled and tons diverted from all of the weight tickets for your project. Download a weight ticket summary spreadsheet (.xls.) to calculate these numbers.

Affected projects that do not meet the recycling requirements

If a general contractor is unable to meet the recycling requirements for an affected project, due to the nature of the debris, the contractor can request a waiver through the online reporting system. The contractor must show that there was a good faith effort to meet ordinance requirements. Contractors must keep waiver documentation for two years.

A general contractor whose affected project does not meet the recycling requirements, and who does not have an approved waiver is subject to a Class C misdemeanor, punishable by fines up to $2,000 per day, per offense.

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