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CodeNEXT Draft 3 Position Papers

This page includes position papers submitted from community members and groups about CodeNEXT Draft 3.

To submit a position paper on Draft 3, please send us an email with the subject line containing "CodeNEXT Position Paper." All position papers will be posted.


AIA Austin CodeNEXT Draft 3 Key Findings

AISD CodeNEXT Resolution

ANA Recommended Changes to Draft 3 - Cover Letter

ANA Recommended Changes to Draft 3

CANPAC Statement on CodeNext Draft 3

Community Development Commission Recommendation 20180321-05

Community Not Commodity Draft 3 (1)

Community Not Commodity Draft 3 (2)

CNC CodeNEXT’s Impact on SF-3 Zones Mapped as R2C

Community Not Commodity Presentation

CodeNEXT & Art Music Culture

Design Commission CodeNEXT Recommendation

Downtown Commission Recommendation 20180418-007

Downtown Commission Recommendation 20171115-007A

Downtown Commission Recommendation 20180516-007

Environmental Commission Motion 20180418 007a (1)

Environmental Commission Motion 20180418 007a (2)

Environmental Commission Motion 20180418 007a (3)

Environmental Commission Motion 20180418 007a (4)

Environmental Commission Motion 20180418 007a (5)

Evolve Austin Residential Working Group Recommendations

Evolve Austin Workshop Recommendations Multi-family Sheet

Friends of Hyde Park Draft 3 Response and Recommendation

Heritage Neighborhood Resolution Regarding CodeNEXT Draft 3

Historic Landmark Commission Recommendation on CodeNEXT Draft 3

People’s Plan Resolution

JH DAP Compatibility Equivalent Map

JHNA Position Paper

Karen McGraw – The Value of NCCDs

Eleanor McKinney – Draft 3 Environmental Review

NCCD Outstanding Questions

Real Estate Council of Austin (RECA) Board Position on CodeNEXT 3.0

CodeNEXT Position Paper Regarding NCCDs in F25

CodeNEXT Draft 3 Affordability Recommendations - Susan Moffat

CodeNEXT Draft 3 Administration and Procedures

Urban Transportation Commission Recommendation


Earlier Position Papers

Position Papers submitted for Draft 2

Position Papers submitted for Draft 1

Submittals prior to release of the draft Land Development Code (pre-Jan. 2017)

Frequently Asked Questions

Overview materials are being translated into Spanish, and Spanish-language interpreters are in attendance at major public meetings. In addition, we are setting up an innovative outreach program to build ongoing participation and leadership activities in traditionally under-represented communities. We are also contacting organizations not currently involved in City planning efforts, as well as key community leaders to get involved in the process in meaningful ways.

An electronic version of Austin’s current Land Development Code can be found on the Planning and Zoning Department’s website.

Land Development Code: Missing Middle

Transect zones require that all residential units "shall have pedestrian access from the front street, or for corner lots, from the front street or side street." For lots with alley access, only parking is required to be accessed via the alley.