The Austin Public Works Urban Trails Program is currently developing the Shoal Creek Trail System. Once complete, this trail system will extend from Lady Bird Lake to Highway 183.

The City of Austin Watershed Protection Department is coordinating the response to a landslide that occurred along Shoal Creek just north of Pease Park. See the Watershed Protection Department’s Shoal Creek Slope Failure project webpage to learn more.


Shoal Creek Trail System Overview

First developed in the 1960s, the existing Shoal Creek Trail follows Shoal Creek for four miles, from Lady Bird Lake to 38th Street.

In 2018, the Shoal Creek Conservancy released the Shoal Creek Trail: Vision to Action Plan, which was later accepted by the Austin Public Works Department. The Vision to Action Plan recommends improvements along the existing trail and proposes a nine-mile trail extension, ultimately connecting to the Northern Walnut Creek Trail north of Highway 183.


Completed Projects

Shoal Creek Gap Project

The Shoal Creek Gap Project included the construction of a ten-foot concrete trail, stream bank stabilization, and lighting from West Ave to 5th St. The project was completed in May 2018.

Shoal Creek Restoration

The Shoal Creek Restoration project included sidewalk and trail improvements along Lamar Boulevard between 15th and 24th Streets. Construction was completed in September 2017.

Preliminary Engineering Report: Shoal Creek Trail Widening Project (5th to 15th Streets)

The Urban Trails Program reviewed Shoal Creek Trail for opportunities to widen the existing trail between 5th to 15th Streets. Urban Trails developed a preliminary engineering report to identify environmental constraints, such as steep slopes, stream bank improvements and floodplain considerations. See the Shoal Creek Trail (5th to 15th Streets) preliminary engineering report here. This project is not currently funded for design or construction.

Shoal Creek Trail Repairs: 5th to 6th Streets

The Urban Trails Program and the Austin Parks and Recreation Department have completed Shoal Creek Trail maintenance between 5th and 6th Streets as of January 21, 2020. Repairs to Shoal Creek Trail between 5th and 6th Streets consisted of replacing a failing concrete slab that was tilting towards the creek.

Shoal Creek Boulevard Improvements (38th Street to US 183)

As part of the 2016 Mobility Bond, the Austin Transportation Department completed improvements to Shoal Creek Boulevard between 38th Street and US 183. The Urban Trails Program is coordinating with Austin Transportation as part of this project. Learn more about the Austin Transportation Department’s Shoal Creek Boulevard Project.

Upcoming & Ongoing Projects

The Urban Trails Program is currently developing projects to improve and extend the Shoal Creek Trail System.

Shoal Creek Wayfinding Project

The Urban Trails Program and Shoal Creek Conservancy are coordinating to install wayfinding signage along the trail from Lady Bird Lake to 38th St. Eventually, wayfinding will continue north to Highway 183. Funded through the 2016 Mobility Bond, this project is anticipated for completion in Winter 2022.

Shoal Creek Conservancy has been closely coordinating with the City to improve wayfinding along Shoal Creek Trail, and the Conservancy outlined wayfinding as a key priority in their 2018 Vision to Action Plan. This project is being completed in coordination with the Austin Transportation Department’s Shoal Creek Boulevard project.

Shoal Creek Crossing Improvements

The Austin Public Works Urban Trails and Safe Routes to School Programs and the Austin Transportation Department are partnering to improve intersection safety along Shoal Creek Trail. As recommended in the Shoal Creek Trail: Vision to Action Plan, designs are underway for enhanced trail crossings at the following intersections for improved safety and mobility:

  • Lamar Boulevard & 29th Street
  • 34th Street and Shoal Creek Boulevard

This webpage will be updated with more information as the project proceeds.

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