Barton Springs Pool Cover Photo

The Austin Parks and Recreation Aquatic Division operates 45 public aquatic facilities, which includes 7 Regional pools, 3 Community pools, 22 Neighborhood pools, 1 Wading pool, Barton Springs Pool and 11 splash pads.  In addition to coordinating open water events and swim team competitions, we also offer instructional programs such as masters swim, lifeguard and water safety training and youth and adult swim lessons.

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Pool Locations

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    North Austin Facilities

    Facility Schedule  Name Address Type of Facility
    Closed Bailey Splash Pad 1201 W. 33rd St. Splash pad
    Closed Balcones 12017 Amherst Dr. Neighborhood pool
    Closed Brentwood 6710 Arroyo Seco St. Neighborhood pool
    Closed Canyon Vista 8455 Spicewood Springs Rd. Neighborhood pool
    Closed Kennemer 1031 Payton Gin Rd. Neighborhood pool
    Closed Murchison 7022 Hart Ln. Neighborhood pool
    Closed Northwest (Beverly S. Sheffield) 7000 Ardath St. Regional Aquatic Center
    Open Springwoods 13320 Lyndhurst St. Regional Aquatic Center
    Closed Walnut Creek 12138 N. Lamar Blvd. Regional Aquatic Center

    East Austin Facilities

    Facility Schedule Name Address Type of Facility
    Open Bartholomew 1800 E. 51st St. Regional Aquatic Center
    Closed Bartholomew Splash Pad 5201 Berkman Dr. Splash pad
    Closed Chestnut Splash Pad 2205 E. 16th St. Splash pad
    Closed Civitan 513 Vargas Rd. Neighborhood pool
    Closed Dottie Jordan 2803 Loyola Ln. Neighborhood pool
    Closed Givens 4001 E. 12th St. Community pool
    Closed Govalle 5200 Bolm Rd. Neighborhood pool
    Closed Lott Splash Pad 1180 Curve St. Splash pad
    Closed Mabel Davis 3427 Parker Ln. Regional Aquatic Center
    Closed Martin 1626 Nash Hernandez Sr. Dr. Neighborhood pool
    Closed Metz 2309 Canterbury St. Neighborhood pool
    Closed Metz Splash Pad 2407 Canterbury St. Splash pad
    Closed Montopolis 1200 Montopolis Dr. Neighborhood pool
    Closed Parque Zaragoza 2611 Webberville Rd. Neighborhood pool
    Closed Patterson 4200 Brookview Rd. Neighborhood pool
    Closed Rosewood 2300 Rosewood Ave. Neighborhood pool
    Closed Rosewood Splash Pad 2300 Rosewood Ave. Splash pad

    South Austin Facilities

    Facility Schedule Name Address Type of Facility
    Closed Barton Springs Pool 2131 William Barton Dr. Regional Aquatic Center
    Open Big Stacy 700 E. Live Oak St. Neighborhood pool
    Closed Dick Nichols 8011 Beckett Rd. Community pool
    Closed Dittmar 1009 W. Dittmar Dr. Neighborhood pool
    Closed Dove Springs 5801 Ainez Dr. Community pool
    Closed Garrison 6001 Menchaca Rd. Regional Aquatic Center
    Closed Gillis 2410 Durwood St. Neighborhood pool
    Open Liz Carpenter Splash Pad 201 Dawson Rd. Splash Pad
    Closed Ricky Guerrero Splash Pad 1100 Brodie Street Splash pad
    Closed Stacy Wading (Little Stacy) 1500 Alameda Dr. Wading pool


    West Austin Facilities

    Facility Schedule Name Address Type of Facility
    Closed Clarksville Splash Pad 1811 W. 11th St. Splash pad
    Open Deep Eddy 401 Deep Eddy Ave. Regional Aquatic Center
    Closed Eastwoods Splash Pad 3001 Harris Park Blvd. Splash pad
    View Info Pease Splash Pad 1100 Kingsbury St. Splash pad
    Closed Ramsey 4201 Burnet Rd. Neighborhood pool
    Closed Reed 2614 Pecos St. Neighborhood pool
    Closed Shipe 4400 Ave. G Neighborhood pool
    Closed West Austin 1317 W. 10th St. Neighborhood pool
    Closed Westenfield 2008 Enfield Rd. Neighborhood pool