The City of Austin is launching a pilot program so you can ride in electric-assist pedicabs with motors which help the drivers pedal up steep hills and travel longer distances. If you take a ride in one of 50 or so electric-assist pedicabs, you can give valuable feedback about your ride to help the City determine if the program should grow.

An Austin Transportation Department employee measures the speed of an electric-assist pedicab using a radar speed detector during an inspection.

An Austin Transportation Department employee measures the speed of an electric-assist pedicab during an inspection.

Implementation and feedback

The Austin Transportation Department is partnering with Austin Energy to support the electric-assist pedicab pilot. Each electric-assist pedicab will be inspected to meet safety and operational standards biannually. You may notice a special plate indicating you are choosing an electric-assist pedicab. If you see this and take a ride, we invite you to share your feedback about your experience.

This pedicab electrification pilot is one of the first in the United States according to Austin Transportation Department research, so community feedback is essential to determining if more electric-assist pedicabs will travel on Austin roads.

Where to find pedicabs

The City currently allows licensed pedicabs to operate in an area between 38th 1/2 street and Oltorf Street to the north and south, and Pleasant Valley Road and MoPac to the east and west. You are more likely to see them during popular event seasons in Austin.

Austin Energy partnership

Austin Energy is a key partner in Austin’s Smart Mobility Roadmap and is committed to sustainable energy solutions, emerging technology innovation and shared, electric mobility options for our growing city. Austin Energy supports the electrification of alternative transportation such as electric bikes, scooters, mopeds, and motorcycles with its E-Ride incentive program. Learn more about Austin Energy's efforts related to the electric-assist pedicab pilot on their webpage.

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