Take Care During Covid-19

If you are experiencing homelessness, or are at risk of becoming homeless, the City is here to help you during this public health crisis.

  • If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 (cough, fever, and shortness of breath) or have been exposed to the virus call the CommUnity Care COVID Hotline at 512-978-8775 to learn about helpful City resources.
  • Get advice and testing information from  a nurse at 512-972-5560.
  • Find locations that offer food, showers, toilets, hand-washing stations and more through our Basic Needs Map.
  • Get the latest information about case management and ongoing healthcare during COVID-19.
  • Access Safety Net resources that can help you stay in your current housing

More information about COVID-19 in the City of Austin at austintexas.gov/COVID-19

Proposition B

Austin residents voted in favor of Proposition B which reinstates three local ordinances regarding (1) sitting or lying down on a public sidewalk; (2) aggressive solicitation; and (3) camping in any public area not designated by the City for camping.

Frequently Asked Questions on Proposition B.

Help Address Homelessness in Austin

As part of the Homeless Assistance System, the City of Austin collaborates with agencies, community organizations, and individuals working to make homelessness rare, brief, and nonrecurring. If you’re here to learn more about what’s happening, you can: 

  • If you are looking to help an individual experiencing homelessness you can call 3-1-1 to connect them to support; if you encounter a person experiencing a mental health crisis, 9-1-1 now has a mental health option you can use to request emergency help.
  • Access information about the City policies, strategies and programs that prioritize ending homelessness.
  • Learn about the many organizations at work in the Homeless Assistance System and track progress through the Austin Homelessness Dashboard.
  • Join the effort by getting involved with the programs and community organizations making a difference in our community.

Note: the City has information specifically for service providers meeting client needs during COVID-19

Together we can realize the promise of a compassionate and thriving Austin for everyone.

Public Space Management During COVID-19

During COVID-19 the City of Austin is largely following Centers for Disease Control guidelines to allow people who are living unsheltered, or in encampments, to remain where they are at this time, to minimize community spread of the disease and maximize access to services. However, individuals who are violating applicable laws that lead to the erosion of public health and safety, or are in unsafe areas, or who are preventing the public from using parks and other public areas, may be asked to relocate. When individuals are asked to relocate, the City will make efforts to ensure that they are offered and connected to appropriate services. In certain circumstances, when individuals are refusing repeated requests to relocate but their continued presence is placing them in danger or is preventing the public use of a park or other public area, encampments may be relocated in the public interest.

Learn more about homelessness in Austin.

NEW: Learn about the Homeless Outreach Street Team meeting people and meeting needs in downtown Austin. 

Thank you from the Homeless Response System