Photo of Law Department Employees

About the City Attorney's Office

The City of Austin Law Department is a mid-size, in-house law firm averaging 60 attorneys.  The department meets the vast majority of the City's legal needs, ranging from areas as diverse as animal control to zoning.  The City Attorney is appointed by the City Manager and cannot provide legal advice to private citizens on personal legal matters. Instead the City Attorney provides legal advice and representation to the Mayor, City Council, City Officers, City Manager, city departments, boards and commissions of the City. Our key activities are to advocate and resolve disputes, to review and develop contracts, and to render opinions and advice.

Over the years, the Law Department has striven to develop "subject-matter" experts in certain demand areas, while maintaining a balance of full-service lawyers to meet the City's overall legal needs.  The Department is organized into several functional divisions:

  • Litigation
  • Land Use & Real Estate
  • Municipal Operations
  • General Counsel
  • Criminal Prosecution
  • Open Government - Ethics & Compliance 
  • Austin Energy
  • Financial & Administrative Services

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