The Parks and Recreation Department finalized the Brownie Neighborhood Park Master Plan for the newly enlarged Brownie Neighborhood Park in 2018 in conjunction with the North Lamar/Georgian Acres Neighborhood Planning Contact Team and Kristine Stiphany Architecture and Urbanism (pro-bono). The master plan process received input from surrounding residents who provided the vision for the future development of the park.

Master Plan

Final Brownie Neighborhood Park Master Plan here.

View the final Brownie Neighborhood Park Master Plan report here.

Project Background

Brownie Neighborhood Park is an approximately 7.8 acre park located at 10000 Brownie Drive in the North Lamar Neighborhood. In 2014, approximately 5 acres of additional parkland was acquired to expand the existing 2 acre Brownie Park. The park currently contains a playscape on the original park site and undeveloped land in the recently acquired portion of the park.

Project Goals and Timeline

The master planning process aimed to develop a park plan that responds to the needs of the area's diverse cultures and many age groups. The phased project occurred in three phases and the outcomes addressed were: (1) recreation and play space zones; (2) covered and open seating and eating areas; and (3) access to green space and beauty.

  • The Community Engagement Phase (October 1, 2017 – December 14): data collection from municipal sources, public engagement, and field observations. It also includes the prioritization of key challenges and opportunities.
  • The Analysis Phase (December 15 – January 15): data synthesis into a set of strategies that respond to key challenges and opportunities.
  • The Framework Plan (January 16 – March 3, 2018): sharing a design that incorporates community- and city-approved strategies for the improvement of Brownie Park. The plan can be used by stakeholders to garner resources for park improvements and to structure detailed planning.

Community Engagement

Community Meetings

Community meetings assisted in guiding the master planning process as follows:

  • Meeting #1: Park Planning Workshop: Imagine the future. November 18, 1:30-3:30, North Austin YMCA, 1000 W Rundberg Ln.
  • Meeting #2: Analysis Workshop: Make decisions. January 15, 3:00 – 5:00, Brownie Neighborhood Park, 10000 Brownie Dr. - View the framework plan.
  • Meeting #3: Framework Plan Presentation: New Plan Celebration. March 3, 10:00 – 12:00, Brownie Neighborhood Park, 10000 Brownie Dr.- View the meeting packet with summary of public input and survey results. 


For more information, contact Patrick Beyer at (512) 974-9476 or by email.