In order to foster greater public trust with the community it serves, the Austin Police Department will publish video footage of police-related “critical incidents” as defined below. Our community has an undeniable interest in being informed, in a timely fashion and based on the most accurate information available, about incidents where officers use lethal force, or where the use of force by the police results in the serious bodily injury of another. This policy is based on Austin Police Department General Order 117.

NOTICE: The following pages may contain graphic language and content that may be disturbing to some viewers.

It is the APD's policy to release critical incident videos within 60 days of an incident. Critical incident videos will be released before the final resolution of criminal and administrative investigations.  There may be instances in which the Chief of Police determines that release of video must be delayed.  In such situations, the Department will post a statement summarizing the reasons for that decision within 45 days of the incident along with an explanation as to whether video may be released in the future.

For purposes of the order, “critical incidents” are defined as:

  • Officer-involved shootings, including unintentional discharge while in the course of duty or in response to a call, regardless of whether a person was hit by gunfire and even if no allegation of misconduct is made
  • A use of force resulting in death or serious bodily injury as defined by Section 1.07, Texas Penal Code
  • All deaths while an arrestee/detainee is in the custodial care of the Department
  • Any other police encounter where the Chief of Police determines release of video furthers a law enforcement purpose
  • This General Order does not include or apply to officer-involved shootings of an animal, an unintentional discharge during pre-shift equipment checks, or during training/qualifications on the firing range

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