The Transportation User Fee (TUF) is a fee assessed to residents and businesses based on the traffic levels generated by each dwelling unit or business. View the ordinance language for the fee. 

This monthly fee, as defined in the municipal code, funds the maintenance and repair of roadways, signs, signals and markings, sidewalks and urban trails. This includes annual street resurfacing and other maintenance activities necessary for keeping Austin connected and our infrastructure in good condition. By managing and maintaining public right of way infrastructure, the City of Austin is able to save taxpayer money by intervening before full reconstruction is needed. Full street reconstruction can be costly and time-consuming, therefore preventative maintenance provided by the fee helps reduce these costs.

As part of the annual budget process, Austin City Council reviews and adjusts the fee based on current needs. Residents can expect to see the new rate go into effect during the November billing cycle. For residential customers, the fee is a variable monthly rate. As of Nov. 1 the residential rates are:

Residential Transportation User Fee Rates as of Nov. 1, 2021
House/garage apartment $14.96
Duplex $13.62
Triplex/fourplex $11.60
Townhouse/condo $11.60
Mobile home $10.39
Five or more units $11.74

For commercial customers, the rate is $74.85 per developed acre and then multiplied by the usage category which is based on the type of business.

For additional billing information, please call 3-1-1 or Austin Energy Customer Care at 512-494-9400

Transportation User Fee Exemptions

Residential customers may be eligible for an exemption if the person who is responsible for paying the utility bill meets one of the following criteria:

  • Age 65 or older; or
  • Does not own or regularly use a private motor vehicle

If you believe you are eligible for this exemption, click here to fill out the form online or download and complete the forms below and then email the form to

Click here to download the fee exemption application.

For additional exemption information, please call 512-974-1002 or Austin Energy Customer Care at 512-494-9400.