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About Transportation

The Austin Transportation Department is committed to providing the safest and most efficient, cost-effective and sustainable roadway, bikeway, walkway and transit system for our community.



The Transportation Department was created in 2008 to address continuing transportation needs and challenges. As Director of Transportation, Robert Spillar is responsible for overseeing the department's services to Austin residents, including Transportation Management (signs and marking, signals, engineering), Transportation Planning and Coordination, parking, special events and right of way management, and our Active Transportation Program.

The department is staffed with a workforce of about 200 employees. Together, we work to build, manage and maintain an effective and safe transportation system that provides residents improved access and mobility. We help keep Austin moving.


Public safety is one of the primary responsibilities of local government, of which transportation is a large component.  It requires cooperation between city departments, other local and state agencies as well as community stakeholders and residents of Austin to address traffic safety. Read the City of Austin Traffic Safety Report to see what we are doing as a City to improve safety.

There are also actions that you can take to help improve safety on Austin's roads. When you're driving stay alert, keep your hands on the wheel, eyes on the road and consciously pay attention to what you are doing.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in 3,328 people were killed in distracted driving crashes in 2012.  Learn more about distracted driving and actions you can take to be a safer driver at  Furthermore, drivers should know there are laws against texting and driving in Austin, TX; read the full ordinances here: Ordinance 20091022-028 and Ordinance 20091217-090.

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