Temporary Concession Permits

Concession approvals (permits) are required and issued to applicants for commercial activity requests (vending, merchandise sales, etc) in the park system.  Concession permits are issued at stand-alone park locations where short-term or single concession needs arise that benefit an activity or the public at the requested park location.

  • Concession permits are NOT issued for vendors to vend outside or near permitted special events where organizers typically coordinate vendors inside their permitted grounds and spaces.

Request For Applications

No current public requests available.

Permit Types/Fees

1. Temporary Concession Permits

  • Food, Beverage and Recreation Merchandise ($500-$1500/6-month period) The fee for operating for six months at a district or metropolitan park is $1,500 (district or larger) and $500 (other parks) for all other parks at approved applications. The fees will be paid in full at the time of contract execution.
  • Boating - Walsh Boat Landing (prices vary) See Walsh Boat Landing guidelines.                  

2. Single Day Concession Permits ($50/day) The Parks and Recreation Department issues single day permits to vendors wishing to set up at (or outside of) a place in a park for a short-term event purpose.

3. Performing Artists in the Parks ($10/day) Performing artists are allowed to entertain in the parks provided they are registered with and approved by the Parks and Recreation Department.  The fee for performing artists is $10 per day, and permits may be purchased in two-week increments. Individuals wishing to perform as artists or entertainers in the park must adhere to the following rules.  


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