Drainage Concerns and Maintenance

Call 3-1-1 to report flooding, erosion and other drainage problems such as debris blocking the flow of water in a creek, a clogged inlet or culvert, standing water in a pond (for more than 72 hours) or high vegetation.

Drainage Easement Releases

Do you have a drainage easement on your property that you would like released? Please email us with a request for information before submitting an application. It may save you money. Applications are on the Real Estate Services website.

Flood Protection Information and Assistance

Is your home or business at risk for flooding? Our staff is available to meet with you and discuss your situation and strategies to reduce damages. Email us or call 512-974-2843.

Floodplain Maps

Is your property in a floodplain? Find out using FloodPro, an online tool that shows floodplain maps, models, rainfall amounts, elevation certificates and floodplain map revision information. Questions? Call 512-974-2843 or send an email.

Floodplain Models

Need hydrologic or hydraulic models for your project area? What about associated shapefiles or floodplain delineation? Please use FloodPro, an online tool. Questions? 512-974-2843 or send an email.

License Agreements

Do you wish to license encroachments in a drainage easement? Please email us with a request for information before submitting an application for the license agreement. Call Right-of-Way Management at 512-974-1150 for an application.

Payment Calculator for the Regional Stormwater Management Program

Potential applicants for the Regional Stormwater Management Program can use the locked spreadsheet below to estimate the required participation payment for a particular project. Please refer to the instructions tab for information on how to complete the calculator. If you have questions, please email the RSMP team.

Report a Drainage, Erosion or Open Waterway Problem

Please call 3-1-1 and provide a location and description of the issue. An investigator will visit the location and assess the situation to determine if a workgroup should be assigned.

Retrieval of Items from Storm Drains

Lost your keys or cell phone down an inlet? Call 3-1-1, and we may be able to send a representative to retrieve your item.

Spill Response

Staff in the Spill Response Program respond to citizen pollution complaints and spills that threaten our creeks or water bodies, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 512-974-2550

Use our online application to search for water quality protection publications.