These programs below help manage traffic and parking across the City of Austin.

  • Local Area Traffic Management

    The Local Area Traffic Management program (LATM) is a request-based program to improve the quality and safety of neighborhood streets by installing traffic calming devices along with the requested street segments.

  • Parking Benefit Districts

    Parking benefit districts (PBD) are designed to improve the availability of on-street parking and promote greater walking, cycling, and transit use.

  • Residential Permit Parking

    Austin’s Residential Permit Parking Program is an initiative designed to give residents a better chance of finding an on-street parking space in their neighborhood.

  • Parking and Transportation Management District

    A Parking and Transportation Management District (PTMD) is a defined geographic area that may include a mix of retail, entertainment, commercial, medical, educational, civic, and residential uses in which City Council finds that traffic flow on public streets requires a higher level of management than commonly provided and determines that parking meters will facilitate traffic flow objectives.

  • Vision Zero

    All crashes that injure and kill people are preventable, and Austin has embarked on a focused effort to eliminate them. Our community’s Vision Zero Action Plan sets forth an ambitious goal of reducing traffic crash deaths and serious injuries to zero by 2025.