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 front of museum with flags and historical marker; stereoscope card featuring Colorado River flood in 1869; image of courtyard

Discover the home of the “Messenger of the Alamo” in the heart of downtown Austin.

Per the COVID-19 Mayoral declaration, the Susanna Dickinson Museum is closed  to the public effective Monday, March 16th .  Please check the Closure page for update.  In addition, the O. Henry Pun Off Event will be postponed until Fall 2020.


A collage of several different images of men and women who have suffered PTSD; the edges where the pieces come together are lined in gold


The Susanna Dickinson Museum presents "Broken, Not Shattered: A History of Trauma” - Part of the Austin Veterans Art Festival, this exhibit explores the history and realities of the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, while showcasing powerful artwork from veterans and their families with PTSD.  Exhibit on display from October 2 - December 1, 2019.


person viewing stereopscope and view of gallery bedroom with focus on Alamo descendent quilt

The museum provides guided tours and programming that explores the rich and diverse history of Texas.


Connecting learners of all ages to history.

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