The Regional Stormwater Management Program (RSMP) provides funding for the planning, design and construction of regional drainage improvements to reduce the risk of flooding in a specific watershed. To participate, developers may make a payment instead of constructing a detention pond or developers may construct approved off-site drainage improvements.

New Payment Rate Structure for Fiscal Year 2021

The new payment rate structure was adopted with the FY 2021 City budget in August and goes into effect on October 1, 2020. There's more information in the documents below:

RSMP Overview

Developers may only participate in the RSMP if they are able to demonstrate that on-site detention is not needed. They must show that their proposed development will produce no identifiable adverse impact to other nearby properties due to increased runoff.

To use RSMP funds, we use a watershed-wide approach to analyze potential flooding problems, identify appropriate mitigation measures and select site locations and design criteria for regional drainage improvements.

The RSMP is funded through payments into watershed-specific accounts by participants in place of providing on-site detention for a project. Participation payments collected are held in accounts based on watershed boundaries and spent only within the associated watershed. Funds may be used for the following purposes:

  • Storm drain improvements
  • Culvert upgrades
  • Channel modifications
  • Land and/or easement acquisitions
  • Property buyouts
  • Design, permitting and construction of regional pond facilities
  • Watershed master plans.

To request a feasibility of participation determination from the RSMP Team, send a completed request form to The information provided in the form will be used to make an initial determination about whether a site is feasible for participation in the program. For more information and to apply for participation, visit the RSMP Participation Guidance. Scroll down to view a list of Austin-area watersheds and whether they participate in RSMP.

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