If you knew there were three simple things you could do to prevent 100 percent of certain traffic fatalities from happening, would you do them?  We get it; we all have places to go and we all want to get there quickly. Navigating traffic in Austin can be challenging. But in an emergency, seconds count. They literally can mean the difference between life and death…perhaps for someone you love.

In 2017,  11 firefighters died on our nation’s roadways; 10 of those were struck by passing vehicles. Unfortunately, we’ve already surpassed that number this year, with 23 being struck and killed so far in 2019. And the year’s not over yet.

So please, we’re begging you: Put down the phone. Pull to the right. Let us pass.

Because where we need to go is far more important. And it’s the right thing to do.

Follow these steps:

1. Put down your phone

2. Pull to the right

3. Let us pass