The Austin Police Department has the largest Motorcycle Unit in the State of Texas.  The Motorcycle Unit consists of 1 Lieutenant, 6 Sergeants and 45 Senior Police Officers.  The Motorcycle Fleet currently consists of 70 BMW Motorcycles.

  1. Highways as defined by the Traffic Incident Management System (TIMS) ordinance and other high speed highways as defined by the Highway Enforcement Command (HEC).
  • Improve traffic safety through enforcement and problem solving
  • Expediting traffic flow during high traffic times by quickly responding to crashes and stalled vehicles and clearing the roadway as quickly as possible.
  • Remove traffic hazards such as disabled vehicles and debris from the roadways with special attention to areas defined by the TIMS ordinance.
  1. School Zones
  2. Special Events / VIP
  3. Regional traffic issues
  4. Supporting the Honor Guard with funeral ceremonies inside the city of Austin.
  5. Attending out of town funerals for Police Officers killed in the line of duty.
  6. Other duties as assigned by the HEC Motors Lieutenant or Commander.

There are six motorcycle shifts. Their responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Motorcycle officers generally work four 10-hour shifts per week
  2. Motorcycle shifts will normally be either 6am-4pm or 9am-7pm.
  3. Each shift may rotate through a weekend shift, covering Saturday and Sunday, with the other two days to be determined by the Motors Lieutenant/Commander. The primary function of the weekend shift is to be available for major highway traffic problems citywide.