As of September 2016, the beginning stage of site analysis and public engagement for improving Duncan Park is underway. In partnership with the Parks and Recreation Department and the Shoal Creek Conservancy, the design team will work alongside the community to identify site opportunities, and define a landscape vision for Duncan Park.  Through surveying the public and researching past master plan efforts, the design team seeks to understand desired uses, refine program needs and develop design concepts into a preliminary plan.

Preliminary Plan


Duncan Park is located northwest of downtown along the Shoal Creek Greenbelt and is largely surrounded by residential and commercial spaces. For over 75 years, Duncan Park has served the local community through trails along the creek, a large open lawn, and picnic tables scattered around the park. Defined by its riparian habitat, nature trail and panoramic views of the skyline, the Duncan Park Improvement Project seeks to enhance these unique amenities with infrastructure and programmatic upgrades to meet the current and future needs of the community. The design effort underway seeks to learn from the community what amenities should be enhanced, which ones should be added and how the park can best serve its public.

In 2010, a Downtown Parks and Open Space Masterplan (link below) was published which included program ideas for Duncan Park. In the summer of 2014, an engineering survey was performed at Duncan Park as an inventory of existing conditions. The Parks and Recreation Department hopes to build upon this base information to create a detailed, obtainable plan for future development.

Public Engagement

The public engagement process will include online surveys, on site canvassing and two public workshops. PARD will work closely with Shoal Creek Conservancy and the community to ensure that the preliminary plan implements the goals and objectives envisioned by the community.

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Preliminary Plan

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