The Austin Core Transportation (ACT) Plan is currently studying transportation in downtown Austin. The ACT Plan will consider connections into, out of, through, and within downtown.

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Map showing ACT Plan boundaries.

Why do we need the ACT Plan?

A lot has changed since the last time we set our mobility vision for downtown Austin! Since then, there have been big changes in:

  • Public transportation and bicycle planning
  • Highway improvements serving downtown
  • National best practices for urban street design
  • New technologies, like electric scooters

Downtown is the center of our region, and many people live, work, and travel there each day. With all these people in limited space, downtown presents unique opportunities and challenges. By improving travel options downtown, we will be closer to reaching Austin's goal of 50% of commuters doing something other than driving alone to work.

What will this plan do?

The ACT Plan will unify downtown mobility efforts and help us make decisions about our transportation network. It will include a list of projects to help us achieve our vision and a framework for different types of streets. The ACT Plan will be a key implementation tool for the Austin Strategic Mobility Plan.

How can you get involved?

The ACT team will be reaching out to the community at events soon! Check back here to learn how you can participate in the ACT Plan. Contact us by emailing   

The ACT team has met with and presented to a few groups in the early stages of plan development: