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As the self-proclaimed “Live Music Capital of the World,” Austin is home to more than 250 live music venues that are an integral part of the industry’s success.  Venues host talent from around the globe nightly and serve as the nucleus for local and internationally recognized musicians.  For a list of venues currently hosting live music in Austin, click HERE.

The ATX Music Office serves as an ombudsman for outdoor live music venues. Our staff works to:

  • Assist venues with the City-required permit process for outdoor amplified sound;
  • Connect venues with other City departments that may require additional permits;
  • Mediate agreements between permitted venues and neighborhood groups to find equitable, win-win solutions and compromises related to outdoor music issues.

Outdoor Music Venue (OMV) Permit

Outdoor Music Venue (OMV) Permits are issued to outdoor live music venues for annual amplified sound. Apply for an OMV Permit HERE.

OMV Extended Hours Permit

Outdoor Music Venues that are beyond 600 ft. of property zoned and used as residential may apply for an extended hours permit. The ATX Music Office must conduct a sound impact evaluation in order to consider extending the hours. Apply for an OMV Extended Hours Permit HERE.


This application may ONLY be submitted by Outdoor Music Venues that have standard hours of amplified sound and are requesting for extended hours during the spring festival season.  Apply for an OMV Extended Hours Permit.

Music Venue Assistance Program

The Music Venue Assistance Program (MVAP) was created to support our valuable music industry, and to reduce sound complaints. This program offers low interest micro loans to qualifying establishments for the purpose of enhancing the sound quality of indoor and outdoor venues, while reducing sound impact to neighboring uses.

Who is eligible?

  • Owners of commercial businesses located in the Austin City Limits that have been operating at a present location or have experience operating a similar type business for a minimum of two years

Why borrow through the MVAP?

  • Possible extended hours of amplified sound permit, once sound mitigation results are documented
  • Free professional consultations are included, improved sound quality for your patrons
  • MVAP loan interest rates are well below market (around .75%)
  • City of Austin will help market your business
  • Turn complaining neighbors into supporting customer base

What kinds of technological and architectural sound mitigation products are eligible?

  • Directional main speaker and cardioid subwoofer systems
  • Speaker trussing for ensuring optimum downward angle speaker installation
  • Vestibule door systems to contain sound and maximize energy efficiency for indoor venues
  • Performance area sound enclosures/band shells
  • Sound blocking walls and curtains