The Austin Nature & Science Center (ANSC) offers a variety of educational science and nature-based exhibits that round out the visitor's experience. Some of the exhibits, like the Naturalist Workshop, have program elements. The exhibits are open to the public during regular visitor hours with no entry fee, but donations are accepted.  For more information, please call Visitor Services staff at 512-974-3888.

Virtual Trade Counter

The Austin Nature and Science Center presents Virtual Trade Counter

Register at Eventbrite.

Live Virtual Zoom Trading Sessions

Wednesday - Friday from 1pm to 2pm | Saturday from 2pm to 4pm.

How it Works

Find or make a cool item from nature!  Items accepted include: rocks, minerals, fossils, shells, bones, insects, insect parts, plant parts, nature art, drawings, photos taken, nature journal entries, etc.  Items not accepted include: anything from birds, anything collected from a preserve or area where collecting is not allowed, human artifacts such as arrowheads, intentionally killed animals, or whole plants.  

Register for a Zoom Virtual Trading Session for your selected time.  After you register on Eventbrite, you will receive a link to the Zoom page to log in at your time.  Register on Eventbrite.

Share your nature item with our virtual traders at your trade time on Zoom.  We will record your name, birthdate, and how many points you receive for your item and keep it for when we re-open the Trade Counter.  

Visit the Trade Counter at the Austin Nature & Science Center when we re-open and select items from our cool nature items "to buy" with the points you earned!


During usual operations, our exhibits are as listed below.  We are currently offering virtual Trade Counter programming while the site is closed and throughout our modified reopening schedule.  The Small Wonders Wildlife exhibit, Naturalist Workshop, and Nano exhibit are currently closed to the public.  

Dino Pit Permanent Exhibit

Human Sundial Permanent Exhibit

Wildlife Exhibits Permanent Residents

Naturalist Workshop and Trade Counter Program Permanent Exhibit

Forest Trail Permanent Exhibit

Monarch Waystation Permanent Exhibit

Nano Temporary Exhibit

Art in Public Places at the Austin Nature & Science Center

"Land Before Us" by Steffany Bankenbusch.  Acrylic on wood panels.  Courtesy of the TEMPO2D 2019 program and Art in Public Places.  Available through Spetember 2020.

"Wild Imaginations" by Jesse Melanson.  Watercolor and digital on vinyl.  Courtesy of the TEMPO2D 2018 program and Art in Public Places.  Available through September 2020.

"Arboreal Passage" by Colin McIntyre.  Forged steel, stainless steel, copper, bronze, limestone, oak.  Courtesy of Art in Public Places.

"Big Snake" by Kathleen Ash and Elena Eidelberg.  Cermaic, glass, and wood.  Courtesy of Art in Public Places.