Water Quality/Drainage Reviewers in the Land Use Division perform pre-construction review for water quality and drainage for site plans and subdivision plans to assure compliance with the Land Development Code.

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They check these things:

  • The pattern and quantity of stormwater discharge to assure no adverse impacts.
  • The control of water quality to assure compliance with the Land Development Code.
  • Assurance that stormwater discharge does not cause downstream erosion.
  • Determination of drainage easement requirements.
  • Modification of floodplain (FEMA and City of Austin fully developed 100-yr floodplain).

Subdivision Plans are also reviewed for compliance with the Land Development Code on:

  • Geometry (horizontal and vertical) of roadway design (local and collector streets)
  • Pavement Design
  • Inlet design

Site development permits for subdivisions and site plans are issued by the Engineering/Drainage Section of Watershed Protection Department (WPD) at the time of plan approval and related fiscal surety has been secured. Any construction, whether site or building, requires a permit to be issued before construction begins.  Further, for new subdivisions, public infrastructure such as streets and utilities must have been accepted before building permits are issued.