Many Austin residents live in rental properties such as apartments or duplexes. We work with tenants, property management, and landlords to make sure your home is maintained to safety standards. Download our English and Spanish flyers to learn more.

what makes you feel safe at home? An image of 2 family members happily cooking is shown with the caption "That even the smoke alarm cheers on my cooking!"

Look for possible code violations

  • Unsanitary conditions: broken toilets, bug or rat infestation, leaks, excessive garbage
  • Substandard conditions: exposed electrical wires, severe cracks on walls, holes on ceiling, no hot water  
  • Unsafe conditions: broken or missing windows and doors, decayed wood, no exits, damaged stairs

 Search Austin's Code of Ordinances for more property maintenance codes. 

broken glass window with a circular hole on a maroon house, possibly from a baseball exposed wires on yellow metal boxes attached to the experior of a yellow house

Report a code violation

If you think there is a safety hazard in your home or surroundings that has not been addressed by your property representative, call 3-1-1 or submit a report online. A code inspector will be sent to check for code violations.

Check the status of your case 

Visit Citizen Connect to search for cases by address, case number or various region filters. 

Talk to a Code inspector

Call 512-974-2633 to get answers for general code questions and updates on your existing cases. 

Search properties with violations

If a rental property has a repeated history of unaddressed code violations, it could qualify to be in the Repeat Offender Program.

Find tenant resources

Check if you qualify for tenant resources, including legal consultation, residential rental assistance, utility bill assistance, and more:

Housing Assistance: