Rental Assistance

More than half of Austinites are renters, and should be aware of the broad resources available to them for securing safe, fair, and affordable housing. If you rent, or are looking to rent, Housing and Planning has collected the information and referrals below to assist you. Unfortunately, we are not able to individually respond to questions about specific situations, or provide legal advice, but many problems can be avoided by following the suggestions below or contacting the appropriate agencies listed.

This information includes a referral list of potential resources for those experiencing housing-related issues.  Please note that the volume of inquiries related to the COVID-19 virus may slow response times. Please be patient as these agencies work to assist you in addressing your needs.

If you have questions, or require other information, please email us at

How Can We Help?

Looking for Rental Housing? Have Problems with Your Landlord?
Need Help Paying Rent? Lost Your Lease or Being Evicted?
Need Transitional Housing? Need Help Paying Utilities?
Need Help for Kids and/or Schools? Need Translations or Other Help?