This project will reduce flooding for houses and roads near Little Walnut Creek between Metric Blvd. and Rutland Dr.  It includes a pipe to carry floodwaters, pond improvements at Quail Creek Park and upgrades to water and wastewater pipes.

Map of Proposed Project Alignment

Map showing proposed culvert.

Floodwater will be diverted to a large box culvert that will run under Mearns Meadow Boulevard. A box culvert is a rectangular-shaped pipe installed under the road. The proposed box culvert would run from Quail Valley Boulevard to the Mearns Meadow Detention Pond in Quail Creek Park.

The project will reduce the number of houses at risk of flooding. Although some houses and one road will likely continue to flood in very heavy rainfall, the intensity and depth of flooding for these houses will still be reduced.

Construction Time Frame

Construction will tentatively start in early 2021.

Estimated Budget

$16.6 million for construction

Project Summary

  • 13-foot by 10-foot concrete box culvert
  • New inlets to allow water to enter the box culvert and reduce street flooding
  • Improvements to Mearns Meadow Detention Pond
  • Improvements to water and wastewater lines
  • Improvements to Quail Creek Park and trails
  • Mearns Meadow Boulevard repaved and reconstructed