The Community Tree Preservation Division administers the City's Tree regulations by performing tree reviews, permitting, and inspections, and implements the Urban Forest Master Plan. The Division serves to cultivate a relationship between Austin residents and their trees by fostering a resilient community forest accomplished through an interconnected mix of regulations, outreach, planning, and community partnerships.


Tree Reviews and Permitting

The City Arborist Program is responsible for issuing tree permits to remove or construct within close proximity of a protected or heritage tree for residential & commercial properties. These regulations are designed to achieve a balance of re-forestation and preservation to achieve the best long-term benefit for the community.


Learn about Austin's Urban Forest

To maintain the health and integrity of our urban forest, the City of Austin strives to plant trees, preserve trees during land development, and care for existing trees. Supporting a healthy future forest takes a community of stewards. We invite you to Get Involved!

Tree Partnerships and Resources