In mid-February 2021, Austin experienced Winter Storm Uri. This unprecedented winter weather event left many without power for days, affected travel and mobility, and caused significant structural damage. The collective impact of this historic storm caused physical and emotional trauma throughout our community.  

As unprecedented as this storm was, the City must assess what occurred before, during, and after to ensure our community’s safety and resilience in the face of any future extreme weather event or disaster. Immediately following Winter Storm Uri, the City Manager directed staff to conduct a full after-action analysis of the City’s actions in order to assist future planning efforts. This page outlines the many activities central to this initiative. 

    people iconPublic Input

    The City of Austin asked you to share your experiences about Winter Storm Uri through a variety of opportunities, including:

    Snowflake icon Winter Storm Uri Task Force

    The Winter Storm Uri Task Force was created by Council Resolution 20210325-067 and tasked with leading listening sessions to hear from members of the public about their personal experiences during the storm event.

    The Task Force compiled key findings from public input, such as recurring themes, trends, and issues related to the storm, and shared those with the City Council on July 30. This information will be used to inform the City’s planning and response efforts going forward. 

    temperature iconNext Steps

    The City of Austin sought input from the public about personal experiences related to Winter Storm Uri. City staff are also conducting a thorough After Action Analysis of this historic extreme weather event. Additionally, the City Auditor is conducting an audit of the City’s storm response.  

    All of this information will be used to inform and improve the City’s planning and response to future storm events and ensure the Austin community’s long-term safety and resilience. These collective efforts are ongoing, and the reports pursuant to these efforts will be added to this page upon their completion. We currently anticipate these reports should be completed by late Summer 2021.