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The City of Austin Small Business Program offers a comprehensive directory of small business resources offered by local, state, and federal governments and non-profit agencies. Our goal for the City of Austin Small Business Guide is to increase awareness and use of the programs that provide aid in the development of your business. Call 512-974-7800, email or visit our website for information about all our services and resources.

Website Phone Number Description
USDA Rural Business Enterprise Grant Program 254.742.9700

This a grant for the development or expansion of small businesses in rural areas.  To qualify, you'll need to have fewer than 50 employees, less than $1 million in revenue and be located in an eligible rural area.  Grants range from $10,000 to $500,000.

Vessel Coworking 512.381.7120

Vessel Coworking is a creative, productive community in Austin, Texas.  We're a room full of focused people who work most efficiently in a quiet, relaxed environment.  We also love good conversation over tacos at our big kitchen table or helping each other troubleshoot issues on our Vessel Slack account.  The vibe at Vessel is "get stuff done" meets "quirky" meets "I could totally meet my clients here."  Intrigued?

VSA Texas 512.454.9912

VSA Texas, a 501(c) 3 not-for-profit, delivers cultural, professional, educational, and public awareness arts services to communities with diverse abilities. VSA Texas offers programs that enable educational achievement and career success, events that feature the work of artists, and specialized arts training for artists, educators, and service providers.

Vuka 512.394.4154

Vuka Collective is the mission-driven organization that manages and serves an ecosystem of related businesses - including Impact Hub Austin coworking, Gather Venues, and Wake Up programs. 

WeWork 877.415.8905

WeWork coworking spaces in Austin are hubs for some of the hottest new and established businesses, embodying the passion and creativity that this city is so well known for.  If you're looking for a coworking community that's more that just four walls, WeWork's refreshing spaces in Austin can give you something that breaks out of the box. 

Whole Foods - Local Producer Loan Program 512.542.0895

Whole Foods Market provides low interest loans to independent local farmers and food artisans. 

Womans Chamber of Commerce of Texas 512.338.0839

Economic empowerment of women focused in three strategic areas: Business and leadership development, relationship networking, and advocacy in the private and public area. 

Women in Jazz Association, Inc. 512.258.6947

Women in Jazz Association, Inc. provides Concert Series and Vocal Performance Workshops for performance opportunities and experiences of local professional and amateur jazz vocalists. 

Writers' League of Texas 512.499.8914

Established in 1981, the Writers' League of Texas is a nonprofit professional organization whose primary purpose is to provide a forum for information, support, and sharing among writers, to help members improve and market their writing skills, and to promote the interests of writers and the writing community.